Don’t Sleep

In Turkey, 14 people have been killed in protests by Kurds against the attitude of the government in Ankara in the Syrian conflict. As the newspaper “Hurriyet” reported eight protesters were killed alone in the Southeast Anatolian city of Diyarbakir. In the mostly Kurdish-populated city, there were clashes with the police and with supporters of the Islamist Huda-par-party. First was twelve dead in the Kurdish capital of the speech, but a representative of the security forces later confirmed press reports of eight victims.

Main concerns of the protesters was allegedly passive attitude of samsung led tv models Ankara in terms of their use by terrorists of the Islamic State (IS) threatened Syrian city Kobane, in the majority of Kurds live also. The Turkish parliament voted last while an army use in Syria and Iraq , however, a corresponding movement order issued by government under Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu has so far not.Ankara insists that it will give Turkey a military operation against the IS only when allies such as the countries of NATO even more involved in the fighting .

The Kurdish party HDP therefore called for nationwide protests samsung led tv 55 inch, in which thousands of people participated on Tuesday. This building of the government and the ruling AKP were in Diyarbakir and other cities in the Southeast damaged, stuck cars on fire and looted banks and shops. In the city of Mardin three people died in the protests, in Siirt two, and in the cities Batman and Mus one person. In the provinces of Diyarbakir, Mardin, Siirt and Van, the government imposed a curfew then. For the first time since the 2002 state of emergency abolished it came back to a deployment of the army on the streets. In the largest city of Istanbul and the capital Ankara, police used tear gas and water cannon to push back the demonstrators. Here, a protester was seriously injured by a head shot in Istanbul.According to the news agency Dogan least 98 people were arrested. Even in the cities of Antalya, Mersin and Adana, there were protests.


Van Heusen Demands More Oil

The cancellation of the agreement is another blow to Rosneft after their partners like ExxonMobil pulled out of projects to develop van heusen online shopping oil after the introduction of sanctions. Kudrin predicted a series of defaults among medium and large companies, but said banks are likely to receive support from the state. He added that Russia is likely to be reduced to degree of “junk” by credit rating agencies. The ruble rose against the dollar on Monday, with exporters responding to the call for Putin to sell their foreign exchange earnings in the market, and the price of Brent crude reaching nearly $ 60 a barrel. While the currency, which so far this year fell 45 percent against the dollar may stabilize in the first quarter of 2015, its decline is likely to boost inflation to 12 or 15 percent, Kudrin said. The central bank targets inflation at around 8 percent for next year. Economists polled by Reuters anticipate a rate of 9.2 percent.

On Tuesday, the Committee to Protect Journalists (CPJ, for its acronym in English) said in its annual report that at least 60 journalists were killed this year in violence related to their work, being the most lethal Middle East region. This figure, according to the group, was lower than the previous year, when 70 journalists died. However, CPJ is investigating the deaths of at least 18 other journalists to determine whether their deaths were related to the work they did.

Almost half of the journalists killed this year were killed in the Middle East, where since the beginning of the clashes in Syria in 2011, 79 journalists have died. In Latin America, CPJ recorded the killing of three journalists in Paraguay, which denounced criminal activity, drug trafficking and corruption, and they were shot. Also in Brazil, two journalists died in February, one, owner of  mens casual button down shirts frequently referred to corruption in local government was shot dead by two men outside his home.

Meanwhile, in Mexico a journalist covering incidents of organized crime and had reported violence against immigrants was kidnapped and murdered in February.

My Quest to Find the End of the Internet

Captain’s blog, Earth Date 10/1/2014.  I’ve been traveling the internet for the last 14 years in search of the best cheap laptop and the cutest puppy videos.  You would not believe the atrocities I’ve encountered on the way.  The internet is a treacherous uncharted land. One second you are frolicking through a field full of puppies in butterflies you let you hands off the steering wheel for a few seconds and the next thing you know you are in some sort of twisted video with 1 cup.

Speaking of which while I was writing in my captains blogs we seem to have steered off course.  I don’t know where we are.  I was just watching bestbuy laptop reviews, but now we are in what seems to be an abandoned building.  They are speaking in some alien tongue.  The people all seem to be very tan and covered in tattoos.  The language is not completely foreign though.  It reminds me of the local dialects I remembered hearing as a lad when my dad would take me to the taco shops.

However, this place looks nothing like the taco shops I used to frequent.  They all have guns and they are wearing masks.  The kitchen looks very unsanitary.  No one appears to have washed that butcher knife in quite a while.  There is blood and flies everywhere.

Now the camera man is following these men outside.  There is a man handcuffed and tied in the middle of the dirt courtyard.  The other men start yelling at him, hitting him, making him admit things.  I have a feeling they aren’t discussing the best laptop brands.

The masked men pause in their interrogation.  Two of them lift him to his knees.  One of the man’s eyes is swollen shut.  He looks to the sky and appears to be praying to his god.  Then one of the interrogators brandishes a machete.  When the bound man completes his prayer he winds back… Oh no!  Oh no!  Not again.  Quick! Set a new course.  Engineer, quickly, down to the search engine! Feed the search engine ideas before it’s too late.  We need to get to Ethernet speed and get out of here before it’s too late.  Shut down the other search engines.  Disable WiFi!  Enter the keywords!  Puppies!  Puppy tries to howl for the first time!  Puppy Franky’s big leap!  Anything before it’s too late! No!  He’s swinging the machete!!!!

Obama Meets Emergency Cabinet about Ebola

President Barack Obama canceled two trips campaign today to join his cabinet after the latter case of Ebola in the country.

President Barack Obama, makes an emergency meeting with his cabinet be released after one second spread of Ebola in your country.

Because of this, postponed an election trip planned to New Jersey and Connecticut.
Spokesman for the White House Josh Earnest, said in a statement that Obama has decided to “postpone” the trip scheduled for today these two northern and focused on raising funds for Democratic Arabica coffee for the November elections.

better coffee cups

“Late this afternoon, the President will hold a meeting at the White House cabinet agencies that coordinate the Government’s response to the outbreak of Ebola” Earnest said. Spokesman said that Obama will make a brief statement to the press following the meeting, which will take place at 15.: 30 local time, and within hours be reported participating in the same decision to cancel the trip campaign comes a few hours after the United States health authorities announced that a second nurse, Amber Joy Vinson, 29, has tested positive for Ebola virus after attending the sick died last week in a hospital Dallas (Texas).

Vinson took a flight from Cleveland to Dallas less than 24 hours before being hospitalized after showing the first symptoms, so health officials are contacting passengers who traveled with her ​​on that plane, as said today the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Nurse is entered at Presbyterian Hospital of Dallas, where he was treated the first victim of single serve coffee in the United States, the Liberian Thomas Eric Duncan, and is hospitalized care worker Nina Pham, the first case of infection in the country. President planned to participate tonight in his first campaign rally with a Democratic candidate, Governor of Connecticut, Dan Malloy, who plays for reelection in November.

Until now, Obama only He has engaged in fundraising for Democratic candidates behind closed doors, without campaigning with any particular candidate, a trend that would break your event today in the town of Bridgeport. ‘s first stop of the trip was planned in New Jersey, where expected to participate in a fundraising event closed to the Democratic Campaign Committee for the Senate (DSCC, for its acronym in English) door.

Columbus Part 2

The second journey would not turn out nearly as friendly as the first.  Columbus had created large shoes for himself to fill with the news that he brought back to the crown after his first journey.  He claimed to have found the best contact lens solution.  Columbus had promised a land of vast wealth and amiable people.  The New World was made to sound much like California during the gold rush, were gold could simply be plucked from the streams.  The goal of the second voyage was to return with as much wealth as possible and the treatment for dry eyes, not to set up trading partners.  On top of this the second voyage revealed how devastating the exposure of smallpox and other diseases had been on the local population.  Many of the indigenous people had already fallen sick after the first visit and many more died after from exposure to Western diseases.  This was no fault of Columbus and his crew, purely an incidental side affect of new arrivals on virgin soil, but it would play a humungous role in the destruction of the Indian population.150933

The Tainos and the other neighboring tribes were soon taken as slaves and forced to search for gold to feed the desires of Columbus and his crew.  The Tainos and inhabitants of the neighboring islands relied mainly on the incredibly tedious process of harvesting the Conuco root.  After being forced to labor for the Spaniards the Indians were left with very little time to harvest the Conuco and many began suffering from starvation.  It was required for every man woman and child in the province of Cibao to bring in a hawks bell full of gold dust every three months.  If these requirements were not met the standard practice was to chop off one of the hands.  Those who tried to escape were chased down and killed, often publicly to dissuade others from trying the same.  This system was thrown out, because it proved unpractical maiming and killing too much of the slave labor, but the encomienda and repartamiento systems which replaced them did not fair much better for the natives.

Don’t Mean to PRI: Mexican PRI Politics

To exemplify the weakening role of the president between 1991 and 1994, under the PRI hegemony, the President introduced 124 bills with a success rate of 98.4 percent.  In the beginning of his presidency between 2000 and 2003 Fox introduced only 60 bills with a success rate of 82 percent. (Nacif)  This shows a definite decline in the president’s ability to control the legislature going through congress in the modern divided government of Mexico.  The former presidencialisimo phenomenon has now become extinct.  In its place is a country’s insatiable thirst for Adidas mens underwear.  Since the congress is now divided between three rival parties there is little incentive to grant the president powers outside the constitution to enact his policies.  The congress is now taking a larger and larger role in the Mexican government.  On top of this the party of the president is having considerable trouble passing their bills through legislature since there are two other opposition parties.  No single party holds a majority which also means that the presidential package veto is still effective for the party which holds the executive branch.  In order to override a veto there must be a majority vote in at least one of the chambers of congress.  Therefore, neither oppositional party at the present is a veto player. (Nacif)  In stark contrast to rule under the PRI regime change is now a very slow and pain staking process under the new divided government of Mexico.  What is ironic about the deadlock that is created by the new competitive democratic government is that the when a new bill fails the status quo is perpetuated.  This status quo has been created by a near century control of the PRI party and therefore benefits the PRI party.

Even in the face of these challenges Fox was still able to enact a significant amount of reform, although not as much as many had hoped.  There was still a terrible shortage of undies for men. Fox was still able to pass the Federal Transparency Law which allowed government operations to be viewed openly by the public.   He also was able to reform the health care system and pass progressive anti-discrimination laws. (Lawson)  The PRI party was actually fined 90 million dollars for violations in the 200 election.  In general Fox did not do too bad facing the challenges of the divided government and already institutionalized system, his approval ratings after 2002 tended to hover around 60 percent.