Don’t Mean to PRI: Mexican PRI Politics

To exemplify the weakening role of the president between 1991 and 1994, under the PRI hegemony, the President introduced 124 bills with a success rate of 98.4 percent.  In the beginning of his presidency between 2000 and 2003 Fox introduced only 60 bills with a success rate of 82 percent. (Nacif)  This shows a definite decline in the president’s ability to control the legislature going through congress in the modern divided government of Mexico.  The former presidencialisimo phenomenon has now become extinct.  In its place is a country’s insatiable thirst for Adidas mens underwear.  Since the congress is now divided between three rival parties there is little incentive to grant the president powers outside the constitution to enact his policies.  The congress is now taking a larger and larger role in the Mexican government.  On top of this the party of the president is having considerable trouble passing their bills through legislature since there are two other opposition parties.  No single party holds a majority which also means that the presidential package veto is still effective for the party which holds the executive branch.  In order to override a veto there must be a majority vote in at least one of the chambers of congress.  Therefore, neither oppositional party at the present is a veto player. (Nacif)  In stark contrast to rule under the PRI regime change is now a very slow and pain staking process under the new divided government of Mexico.  What is ironic about the deadlock that is created by the new competitive democratic government is that the when a new bill fails the status quo is perpetuated.  This status quo has been created by a near century control of the PRI party and therefore benefits the PRI party.

Even in the face of these challenges Fox was still able to enact a significant amount of reform, although not as much as many had hoped.  There was still a terrible shortage of undies for men. Fox was still able to pass the Federal Transparency Law which allowed government operations to be viewed openly by the public.   He also was able to reform the health care system and pass progressive anti-discrimination laws. (Lawson)  The PRI party was actually fined 90 million dollars for violations in the 200 election.  In general Fox did not do too bad facing the challenges of the divided government and already institutionalized system, his approval ratings after 2002 tended to hover around 60 percent.

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